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Neck/Cervical Treatment

Reduce stiffness and pain in the neck with the use of custom techniques along with heat and cooling gels.  30 minutes $60

Palm/Sole Refresher

Designed to pamper tired, overworked palms and hands/soles and feet. Warm towels, heat treat and soothing gel along massage, all create bliss.  30 min $60/ $90 both

Back Refresher

Revitalize the back with warm towels; heat treat, massage and a special cream is used the reduce chronic back pain, tension and stress and muscle discomfort in the back.  30 or 50 minutes $80/$110


Stimulate the organs and prevent/clear blockage within the body using pressure point massage to the bottom of the feet. Leaves the entire body relaxed.  40 or 50 minutes $60/$80

Dead Sea Scrub

Reduce signs of aging as the skin is exfoliated and re-mineralized with the use of dry brushing and Dead Sea salt mix. Leaves the entire body relaxed.  45 minutes $70

Sugar /Salt Scrub

An ideal prep treatment for any spa treats. Best before sun tanning as it gives an even tone.  45 minutes $65

After Sun Soother

Prevent peeling, rehydrate and restore moisture.  40 minutes $70

Mobile Service

Add $50 per treatment. For packages add $30 per treatment.